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Finance and Human Resource systems are sometimes better known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions offer a great benefit to organizations in modernizing their operations. However, these projects can sometimes be daunting or seem scary given the amount of change your organization is required to absorb during this transition.

The “good news” is that these changes are manageable with the right guidance and support.
Our team members have had the opportunity to successfully guide dozens of full-scale ERP implementations with our clients, preparing our team to provide this guidance effectively. Our team members’ experiences have ranged from functional/technical leads, change management/training leads, testing leads to executive positions with top-tier consulting firms, software companies, and K-12 districts. These experiences give us a unique advantage in guiding these transformations.
Our process starts with education, not just about the software, but also in what to expect throughout your transformation. The benefit of this effort is to prepare the District for change as well as ensure team members have the necessary information in selecting the best fit solution for your team. We often find that ERP project timelines and budgets are extended due to organizations not having proper clarity.

Major Challenges

Success doesn’t come without dedication and knowledge. DavenportLawrence has invested the time with many districts gaining an in-depth understanding of what an ERP solution should deliver in your industry. Left unchecked certain challenges often arise and can lead to timeline delays and increased costs. Examples of these challenges are:

Poor Project Planning

Poor project planning and documentation of the local District's requirements for the ERP solution.

Lack of effort

Lack of effort compiling a detailed project plan that includes appropriate details to successfully manage the transformation.

Underestimation of Time Commitment of Internal Team Members

Organizations underestimating internal team members' commitments often create costly change orders.

Lack of communication

Lack of establishing clear communication with the project team, stakeholders, and all necessary employees.

Inadequate Change Management and Training

Inadequate organizational change management and training reduce success of transformation.

Failure Defining Clear Project Scope

Lack of understanding of the full scope of systems that need to be included in the overall solution, including interfacing third-party software.

Lack of Project Documentation

Major business process flows are not being documented and agreed upon causing expensive rework.

DavenportLawrence has developed a track record of proven mitigation strategies that have established them as a leader in their field.


Your goals and objectives are set in the early phases of the process to serve as a foundation for what software solutions must be delivered for your District. DavenportLawrence’s approach ensures that everyone understands exactly what is expected before any work begins. Our team also works hand-in-hand with District stakeholders to define a clear scope of the work to be completed. We distill all of these findings into the project scope to be included in the Statement of Work which defines the roadmap for your transformation.


To ensure the success of the project, we require a wide range of district stakeholders to participate in this work so that all departments are on the same page with regard to expectations. We also leverage these details in conjunction with our deep experiences in managing like engagements to represent the District in reviewing the Vendor SOW and Contracts to avoid typical project challenges. Hiring knowledgeable Project Managers representing your interest in managing internal project team members and providing oversight of contractors has proven to be a must-have line item for our clients. Ultimately helping to avoid staffing shortages, confusion in expectations, and delays in project progress, we help Districts define the staffing matrix for both District and vendor team members.

The success of the project depends on effective communication and a documented understanding of your future expectations (requirements) and the execution of effective organizational change management in transitioning to this future solution.

Your Vision

The “Vision” of your District is your “North Star,” a term that refers to the long-term goals and desired end-state for your District’s ERP solution strategy. We believe that a good view of the advantages of the changes being made acts as a reminder of why the transition is necessary. To ensure this vision is achieved, we assist you in classifying significant milestones and activities to their future expectation, as well as allocating time and the pace of change based on your District’s culture and capacity for change.

Despite the significant challenges that go along with an ERP modernization implementation, DavenportLawrence has established a team and approach to enable your District to achieve your defined “Vision.”

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