K-12 Public Education

DavenportLawrence has worked with K-12 organizations in North Carolina for more than 5 years. Our team assisted NCDPI and TeacherMatch in implementing and training for those recruiting tools at the per-school level, working with all NC K-12 Districts and nearly all NC Charter schools over a 2-year period. 

After performing detailed needs assessment projects for multiple large Districts, DavenportLawrence is providing project resources for multiple Districts through the SBSM projects. 

Our experience in defining and understanding the complexities of District processes and funding mechanisms enables our firm to offer not only professional services consulting, but approaches for reducing costs and increasing revenue capture that ensures the funding your District needs to meet its mission. Our experience in working with elected officials at the County level is a benefit to our K-12 clients as we can help to manage funding conversations as needed. 

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