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As Districts are faced with declining budgets and increased compliance standards, it’s important to find ways to increase efficiencies within the school system. Our proven process for managing compliance and increasing revenue ensures that your District has the resources it needs to function.

DavenportLawrence has worked with K-12 schools in North Carolina for more than 5 years. Over a two-year period, our staff collaborated with the NCDPI and TeacherMatch to implement and train those recruiting tools at the pre-school level, working with all of NC’s K-12 Districts and nearly all of NC’s Charter schools.


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As with most educational decisions, no one size fits all solution exists to solve recruitment challenges at K-12 schools. However, DavenportLawrence has found that school leaders working together can make great strides with technology solutions;

Our experience in comprehending and defining the complexities of District procedures and funding mechanisms allows us to provide not only expert services consulting, but methods for lowering expenses and increasing revenue collection that guarantee your District receives the money it needs to accomplish its goals. Our knowledge of working with county-level elected officials can be useful to our K-12 customers since we can assist them in managing funding negotiations as needed.

DavenportLawrence is successfully providing project assistance for several Districts through the SBSM projects, as it has done for multiple large Districts.

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