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Are you ready to move your operations to the Cloud? What does the “Cloud” even mean? Who will represent your interest along this complex journey?

Cloud technologies are a true difference-maker-but only if they are planned, implemented, users trained on the solution, tested and the supported effectively. DavenportLawrence’s team members have on average 20+ years of ERP, HCM, supply chain, facilities/WOM, project management, and change management solutions experience setting the stage for our Professional Services offerings. Our dedicated Subject Matter Experts help to ensure your implementation succeeds based on our deep experiences in best practices, differentiating DavenportLawrence from the competition by combining our Enterprise experts with Public-Sector experts. We can show you how to leverage cloud tech for success and represent your interest. Concerned about not selecting the best solution, ending up over budget, overworked and overwhelmed?

Guaranteeing success requires many moving parts, but the core needs will always revolve around experienced Project Management and Change Management. Our Project Managers focus on your interest and will work with your vendors to deliver success, but does your internal staff have the time and gain the experience overnight to manage their responsibilities in the process? Our experienced Change Leaders understand the absolute importance of effectively engaging internal stakeholders, executing well thought out/timely communications and delivering comprehensive training while supporting complex organizational change management are in the process – if your employees (stakeholders) are struggling to believe in the solution’s ability to support your operations (Finance, Utilities, HCM, Facilities, WOM, Payroll, etc.), the project will fail. Feature sets don’t get the work done – people and planning do.

Worried you’ll be lost in the Cloud after Go-Live? Project challenges are always present. Our project teams are comprised of functional experts (Finance, HR, etc.) and project leads that have decades of experience with the most well-known consulting firms in the world. They utilize their extensive training in documented, repeatable methodologies to ensure you succeed. Training and post-implementation operations are just as important as Go-Live, we’ll make sure your plan stands up to your needs long-term.

DavenportLawrence has developed a track record of proven mitigation strategies that have established them as a leader in their field.

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Districts such as yours have trusted their software transformation leadership to our team because of our experience, expertise, dedication to ongoing customer service, and strong track record of successful results. 

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