About Us

Our Mission

To enable our public-sector clients to benefit from the same operational approaches used by the largest enterprises in the world while being considerate of their unique requirements.

Our Values

To be a trusted partner to our clients by consistently providing high-quality professional services that benefit the organization and the community.

Our Solution

We help our clients to improve their organizations by employing proven enterprise methodologies that make a real difference, whether functional or financial.

DavenportLawrence is a full services advisory firm specializing in support services for public sector and non-profit organizations of all sizes. DavenportLawrence applies the best operational practices of major private sector firms with the talent of public sector and non-profit professionals in order to provide advisory services that are more comprehensive and more cost effective than anyone in the business. We strive each day to be the only firm that comes to mind when our clients are seeking support services.

We have developed strategic partnerships with experts in local government, public education and non-profit management for financial services, revenue enhancement, expense reduction, environmental technology, information technology, enterprise resource planning (ERP), communications and public relations, group facilitation, public policy advocacy, land use planning, and grant writing. It is our goal to be a singular provider of many of the services that local governments, K-12 education and non-profits seek when sourcing assistance in support of operations.

We minimize costs by leveraging partnerships for “just in time” service deployment and maintaining focus on managing our internal costs. By maintaining a low point of entry for our clients, DavenportLawrence sets the standard for cost effective services that keep our clients returning for other service offerings.

Our strength is our ability to react swiftly to changing regulatory and public environments so that our clients can trust us to be on target every time. Our strive to be nimble means we should always maintain relevance for our client needs.


Schools Superintendent North Carolina
“DavenportLawrence has one of the most highly skilled and professional teams I have ever had the pleasure of working with. We contracted the firm’s services late last year to assist us with the implementation of a new HR system. They were able to walk us through the entire process on time and under budget. Our project was a success.”
City Manager North Carolina
“My municipality hired DavenportLawrence for their cost reduction services. They were able to identify a savings of $400,000 – $700,000. DavenportLawrence was able to assist in executing the changes and services did not cost my municipality anything, as they were paid a small percentage of the savings, they helped us achieve. We look forward to working with their team again in the future!”
County Finance Officer South Carolina
"DavenportLawrence was contracted to evaluate cost savings for the County with no upfront cost to us. Their team of telecommunications experts not only saved us $80,000 per year but they also provided valuable recommendations on ways to monitor our needs."
County Administrator South Carolina
"We hired DavenportLawrence to perform an evaluation of our fleet operations. They has fleet and financials experts that spent the time to understand our operations. They made effective recommendations that will result in over $1,000,000 in savings a year."