DavenportLawrence is a full services advisory firm providing professional services and cost reduction/revenue enhancement services for local government, public K-12 school districts and charter schools, and non-profit organizations across the Southeast. Our approach provides a unique opportunity for our clients:

  • reduce costs for high-cost services you use every day
  • enhance revenues through analysis by experienced Subject Matter Experts
  • new funding drives projects your organizations need - we provide the professional services guidance required to succeed

Your existing staff are busy and generally compartmentalized in their roles; your leadership is knowledgeable but their time is in high demand. We provide experts with decades of experience to work in partnership with your team to uncover opportunities and ensure successful projects.

Our teams serve a variety of public-sector needs. Some examples include:

  • Services cost reduction - ensure you're paying the best rates possible
  • Revenue enhancement - ensure you're capturing and validating all funding sources
  • Financial modeling & Process Improvement - impartial evaluation of material changes in the way you do business
  • Software implementation & Project Management - ensure your projects meet financial, technical, political and staff expectations on-time and on-budget
  • Utilities Management - from service delivery to billing, we can help you be more effective and efficient

Examples of our team members' experience:

  • Big 5 consulting firm Consultants, Project Managers and Directors (PwC, Accenture and others)
  • Utility company engineers and managers
  • Fortune 1000 CIOs and Technology VPs
  • Staff from all major telecommunications providers
  • City & County Managers and District Superintendents
  • Public Works & Utilities Directors
  • Public-sector Transportation Directors
  • Municipal, county, and school district Finance Officers
  • Department of Revenue staff
  • former elected officials

DavenportLawrence has worked with hundreds of your peers in the Southeast by being a trusted partner that understands your risks and needs. How may we help your organization?