DavenportLawrence Technology Services provides firm clients with a unique ability to integrate and leverage hardware infrastructure with software applications and functionality for greater effectiveness.  Many local governments utilize only a portion of the functionality within their operational procedures and therefore may be missing many of the key components within the software design that would add efficiencies or eliminate frustrations within their work environments.  Coupled with hardware reliability challenges, users of IT systems will often establish an expectation for performance that mirrors the existing standard of their IT systems.

DavenportLawrence provides detailed advisory services to local governments for several software platforms to gain power out of the software investment.  Our hardware diagnostic services and client technology support programs insure that system reliability is achieved for optimal tool application.

Information Technology Networks left unmonitored and unmanaged lead to critical failures that cause a decrease in client productivity which impact operational costs and organizational revenue.  Many organizations are not aware of minor problems in their network which can lead to critical failures that cause network downtime. With managed services, these issues will be resolved proactively by the DavenportLawrence IT Services with reasonable and satisfactory response times and issue resolution.  Proactive operational oversight of the network leads to increased operational efficiency and minimized downtime.  Organizations participating in an effective Managed Services environment are able to focus on serving citizens and customers rather than managing and maintaining the tools of their services.  DavenportLawrence is committed to continuing its dedicated focus to the IT environmentto promote and maintain a highly performing technology system for its clients.

Managed Services agreements bind the level of service between the client and service provider and provide clarity for:

  • IT Services
  • Priorities
  • Responsibilities
  • Guarantees
  • Availability
  • Serviceability
  • Performance
  • Operation
  • Response
  • Resolution

We partner with Leading Industry Operations Software to ensure the successful delivery of all implementation and software enhancement efforts! This includes:


  • One-to-one
  • TeacherMatch
  • PeopleAdmin
  • ERP (HRMS, Payroll, Financials, etc.)
  • IT Support Solutions

Local Government

  • Work Order Management Consultants
  • Financials Consultants
  • HR/Payroll Consultants
  • Waste/Recycle Management Solutions
  • IT Support Solutions