DavenportLawrence provides a comprehensive analysis of operational revenues and expenditures to assist local governments in improving their bottom line.  With both private and public sector business applications being applied to every evaluation we conduct, we constantly deliver value.  We work to capture additional revenues from state shared revenues, permits and fees, licenses, local property taxes, and other revenue sources through comprehensive data review and extensive relationship management.

Additionally, we look at best sourcing practices and potential opportunities on the expense side to lower your cost of business (i.e. solid waste contracts, procurement, fuel purchasing, utility costs, IT efficiencies) where possible.

DavenportLawrence performs many of its revenue evaluation services on a commission basis in order to eliminate the financial exposure to our clients.  Our commissions are paid only after we deliver results to the client and our fees are taken out of realized returns rather than expense allocations.

Many of our clients are able to fund, in whole or in part, other programs, projects, or may defer the reduction or elimination of services based on the additional revenues we have provided through our services.

Revenue Enhancement focus areas include:

  • State Shared Revenues
  • Occasional Tax
  • Ad valorem Tax
  • Utilities
  • Business License