DavenportLawrence has the ability to bring comprehensive solutions for expense reductions within local government operations.  Our combination of private and public sector experience provides a broad spectrum of opportunities for innovative expense reduction initiatives while understanding and balancing public expectations with organizational culture and history.

Key Elements to the DavenportLawrence Expense Analysis Process

  1.  We seek to understand the desired change.
    Defining the desired change uncovers the difficult change implementation steps needed for long term impact.
  2. We help to define the client approach for targeting cost reduction and change.
    The framework for evaluating where to target change programs is a key element of the DavenportLawrence approach to cost management.
  3. We help to identify the guiding principles for cost reduction and change.
    Understanding the operational model in its current and desired state and the impacts to the organizational structure.
  4. We help to engage internal leadership to expand the capacity for operational change.
    Champions for cost management initiatives insure success and sustainability.

Our expense reduction analysis service approach follows a planning period with our Client to align expectations with delivery and includes:

Identification and evaluation of all cost drivers that are areas of high potential for:

  1. Operational Optimization (People and Processes),
  2. Negotiation Positioning (Contract Rates And Renewals, Supply Chain, Service Vendors)
  3. Prioritization of Internal Operational Value (Internal Service Functions; i.e. Fleet, Technology Use, Telecommunications, Risk Management, Facilities Optimization & Maintenance, Billing & Collections, Shared Services, Inventory & Asset Management)
  4. Prioritization of External Operational Value (External Service Delivery; Parks & Recreation Programs, Public Safety, Building & Inspections, Land Use Management, Solid Waste Management, Community Development)
  5. Sustainability & Relevance (Implement & Maintain Strategies That Make A Difference)
  6. Internal Acceptance of Change (Evaluate & Plan For Effective Employee Collaboration)
  7. Public Acceptance of Change (Evaluate & Plan For Effective Public Collaboration)
  8. Innovative & Tested (New Approaches to Cost Management)