DavenportLawrence understands the economic and budgetary constraints facing organizations today - this is why we've committed to offering our clients a set of comprehensive cost reduction services. By employing Subject Matter Experts across the many lines of business inherent in local government, educational, and non-profit organizations, we are able to reduce your recurring costs in low-risk ways. Often, we find ways for you to get more for less.

All we need to begin lowering your costs is a copy of your current monthly bills and service agreements for the service categories you're interested in - we can even come and scan them for you as needed. We'll review the information off-site, minimizing your team's time involvement in the process. Our SMEs will evaluate your services and agreements for compliance, terms, and best pricing. We have analyzed thousands of bills and agreements and understand where the opportunities lie.

Cost Reduction focus areas include:

  • Solid Waste
  • Telecom
  • Credit Card & Banking Fees
  • Electric & Gas Utilities
  • Office & Employee Services
  • Employee Benefits & Worker's Comp Insurance
  • Sales Tax
  • Fleet Management
  • Energy Management