K-12 Services

DavenportLawrence understands the value of high performing technology in meeting expectations and ensuring students are in an environment driving their success and growth. The foundation to this success depends upon having the ability to identify, hire, nurture and retain high-performing and dedicated educators and support talent. New technologies supported by clearly-defined operational procedures enables your team to establish a predictable environment in which to achieve these goals and deliver your institution's mission and vision effectively.

DavenportLawrence team members have decades of experience in process, technology and operational design and support.  We work each day helping School Districts and Charters move operations forward through augmentation of your team by delivering high value tools. Our team is comprised of educators and experienced professionals in the application of technology and project management; we assist your organization to build effective, efficient operations.

Talent Management Solutions for K-12 Districts & Charters

New Principal Training & Refresher Training for Current Principals:

  • Planning, Scheduling Classes
  • Execution of Training Class
  • Quick Reference Materials for Attendees
  • Post Training Support

New District Administrator & Refresher Training for Current District Administrators

  • Planning, Scheduling Classes
  • Execution of Training Class
  • Quick Reference Materials for Attendees
  • Post-Training Support

Business Process Review, Updates and Change Training:

  • Review of Existing Processes Associated with Talent Management
  • Identification of Process Improvement Opportunities
    • Process Design
    • Configuration
    • Reporting & Interfaces
  • Design Changes to Take Advantage of Improvement Opportunities
  • Design Confirmation & Approval from Leadership of Change
  • Implementation of Improvements
  • Training on Improvements for District Administrators
  • Training on Improvements for Principals
  • Post-Training Support

As a solutions advisory firm, DavenportLawrence is uniquely positioned to assist K-12 Districts & Charters in advancing their mission of providing leading-edge educator support.